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Reishi Mushroom Scalp Treatment Complete Bundle

Reishi Mushroom Scalp Treatment Complete Bundle

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 Introducing the Hair Care Trio for Healthy and Nourished Hair:
  1. Hair Mask - 80g

Experience the ultimate hair rejuvenation with our Hair Mask. This ritual will assist your scalp and improve the condition of your hair. Apply small amounts to your scalp, massage it in, and leave it on for 25-45 minutes. Your scalp will absorb its nourishing properties. For dry and frizzy hair, a little goes a long way.


Indulge your hair with the power of locally harvested herbs, including Reishi Mushroom, Shilajit, Shatavari Roots, Jatamasi Roots, Fenugreek Seeds, Red Onion, and Sandalwood.

  1. Scalp Tonic - 100ml

Enhance the effectiveness of the Hair Mask with our Scalp Tonic. Mix approximately 7-10ml of the tonic with the hair mask and apply it to the affected area.


Our in-house apothecary lab has carefully crafted this tonic with beneficial ingredients like Shilajit, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Shatavari Extract, and Brahmi Extract.

  1. Scalp Oil - 30ml

Complete your hair care routine with our nourishing Scalp Oil. Add a few drops to the mixture of the Hair Mask and Scalp Tonic for optimum results.


Infused with Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Palmarosa Flower Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Vanilla Extract, and Vetiver Root Extract, this scalp oil provides deep hydration and repair for damaged hair.

Achieve Healthy Hair and Regrowth:

Our Hair Care Trio is designed to address hair loss, repair damaged hair, and moisturize the scalp. The combination of natural ingredients in our products works synergistically to promote healthy hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

Crystal Infusion:

Harnessing the power of the amethyst crystal charged under the full moon, our products are imbued with positive energy and intention for your hair's well-being.

More Than Meets the Eye:

Scientific studies have shown that Reishi Mushroom acts as an inhibitor of DHT, a hormone associated with hair loss. By decreasing the production activity of 5a-Reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT, Reishi Mushroom helps prevent the shrinkage of hair follicles and combat androgenetic alopecia.

Please Note: This is a pre-booking offer for our exclusive products. As part of our sustainability commitment, we only produce what we sell, ensuring minimal waste and environmental impact. Reserve your hair care trio now and embark on a transformative hair care journey.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Poonam Shah
Do yourself a favour and invest in this NOW

More often than not, hairfall is due to some internal issues. Could be physiological, mental/emotional or both. No matter what the root cause is, this will help you. 100% This product is god sent. I’ve tried alot of things suggested by various professionals. But what Rukhsaar puts in her products is something close to magic. The change I saw was no less than a miracle.
P.S - I never ever leave reviews. This is the first time I’ve left a review for something because more people NEED to know about Rukhsaar and her products.

Apoorva sansetwar
I was facing hair fall,

Rukhsaar you always find a way to amaze me with the portions u make. This magical collection of Reishi is mind blowing.
Yes it has way too organic smell towards it which I m getting comfy with it. My treatment is on n I can see results in 1st seating itself.with scalp tonic I am using high frequency hair comb to be more effective.
Love for organic❤

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