O.W.L's Bring Back Campaign

Good for the planet...Good for you!

Bring Back Campaign | Recycle and Save | Organic With Love (O.W.L)

Did you know that by making new glass bottles from 50% recycled material, enough energy is saved to power 45,000 households for a year and prevent 181,550 tonnes of waste from entering landfills each month?

At Organic With Love, we are dedicated to making a difference – not only through the quality of our products, but also through our commitment to sustainability. That's why we've launched our Bring Back Campaign, which encourages our customers to recycle and save.

By returning 11 or more used and empty Organic With Love containers, you can help us save energy and prevent waste from entering landfills. We will gladly accept jars and bottles without pumps or caps, but for sanitary reasons, we cannot accept uncleaned containers.

As a thank you for your contribution, we will give you a special bonus. So please fill out the form below and we'll guide you through the process.

The Bring Back Campaign allows you to get an awesome bonus for all your OWL's used bottles, as well as helping you to do your bit for the environment!

 Tell us in detail about the number of jars and bottles you would like to return and what is the condition ,in context with information on missing caps and pumps. 


Please Note : All jars should be cleaned in hot water before sending it to us.

Cracked and damaged containers won't be valid




Together, we can make a difference!