Love Story


Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. We all know 'Tis better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all’. That’s when I decided that love should be the core of everything I do in life. I then, shot an arrow of cupid’s love and found my purpose on Earth. “Organic with love” aka O.W.L chose me to serve the gifts of our Mother-Earth to all of you beautiful people out there.
O.W.L transcends all your needs of love and care. We, at Organic with love, chant the rhythm of this mystical Universe to prickle it and pluck the magic therein. We are the Rainbow Light Workers , striving to delve all the blessings of our Mother-Earth , to fill this short & sweet jar, hand-crafted with love for you . We pay our homage to have inherited the prophecy to cultivate a sustainable and organic potion for you.
All our products contain a blessing-in-disguise which will suffice all your exigency of Body & Skin care. Our products are infused with the soul of our planet in the form of essential oils(which are distilled to its finest point) and the golden energies of crystals. To gladden you more, we procure all our herbs from its Motherland. This ensures highest possible potency as they are nurtured in naturally designed favorable conditions.
We vow that the entire range of O.W.L will fulfill its promise of delivering you 100% Organic ,
now and forever. It pledges to remain a three-way Love connection wherein we keeping sowing love for you and make sure you get the splendiferous reap of our Mother-Earth. Love conquers everything and hence, we bring to you all ,our whole & soul , “ORGANIC WITH LOVE”.

Together, we can make a difference!