The quality of the ingredients is crucial for the effectiveness of a product and a recipe. From our in-house OWL's Holistic Kitchen, we source all ingredients ourselves from organically certified growers and suppliers.

The fact that we manage the entire process ourselves, rather than outsourcing our sourcing and production to an external lab, we believe ensures you the best possible transparency. This is because we have full control and can ensure that everything meets our strict requirements for both nutritional quality and social and environmental responsibility in production.

Before an ingredient finds its way to our OWL's Holistic Kitchen, a lengthy process takes place where we thoroughly inspect and check all these aspects, and where we carefully assess the quality of each ingredient in terms of its purity and freshness.

Our formulas are pure, concentrated and effective - based on ingredients that are easily absorbed and can work in synergy with the skin's own sebum and skin cells. In this way, we ensure that the skin gets the maximum benefit from the balancing and healing power of plants and oils.

Some of the Key Components of all our formulas. 

Flower and plant extracts

Plants contain both nutrients and antioxidants, as well as a range of anti-inflammatory properties that are essential to our health.

To get all the goodness of plants into our products, we make our own plant extracts with nutrient-rich herbs in oil or water. The plant extracts are often the base of our products, and they're one of the things that gives Clear Skin Elixir  its beautiful blue hue.



Plant oils are extracted from the nuts and seeds of plants. In nature, they are a concentrate of nutrients to power the seed as it grows and becomes a plant. Plant oils have many amazing nourishing and caring properties for our skin and bodies. In skincare they are often used only as simple "transport" ingredients, but they have much greater potential than that - and in our formulas they play a prominent role.

Essential oils

We love essential oils and use them in our formulas, not only for their amazing fragrance and aromatherapeutic properties, but also for their therapeutic effects on the skin, such as anti-bacterial, soothing and healing effects on irritated skin.

The quality of essential oils is crucial for their therapeutic properties and is determined by, among other things, the plant species and their cultivation and growing location, and how they are produced. We have very selectively chosen our essential oil suppliers so you are always guaranteed fresh, pure and undiluted essential oils in our formulas.


Together, we can make a difference!