O.W.L is an organization which curates natural skin care & beauty. The vision is to create an awakening of forthright approach towards skin-care routine. The products made under the roof of O.W.L go through intrinsic research in regards to its promised effect on each skin type.
Each and every ingredient used to formulate our products is highly beneficial and therapeutic in nature. Each product is free-of-fillers and full-of-active ingredients especially crafted for your specific skin type.
Our products contain natural oils, herbs, clays, minerals & their extracts along with fragrances which are obtained from premium quality essential oils. The colorant for our products are simply- Clays itself.
It is our ritual to restore the health of your skin and rejuvenate it in the most simple form. We believe that the art of skin care and use of natural organic products should assimilate in your daily lifestyle. Your skin should look upto the food you provide it , & hence it is thoughtfully crafted by us out-here, in the hallowed house of O.W.L.
The entire product range of O.W.L derives its healing power from the lineage of Mother-Nature to allow yourself an everlasting naturally, healthy, glowing skin.
The mission of our apothecary is holistic and minimalistic approach towards your skincare leading to a Happy & Healthy You!

Together, we can make a difference!