A heritage for your body-care!
Our new collection is inspired by Abhyanga Ritual wherein, Abhyanga stands for an ayurvedic term. It denotes oiling of the body whereas Abhyanga Snan is an age-old tradition of purifying the body with aromatic herbs.
It is a bathing ritual that includes embrocating your body or using a special mixture of herbs and spices known as 'UBTAN' , in raw or a soap form. This potion is used head to toe to cleanse, moisturize your body and get rid of the pitta dosha alongwith dead skin cells. Abhyanga is an epitome of elimination of evil, followed by a purification process. 
Practising Abhyanga regularly nurtures a profound feeling of stability, strength and wellbeing. It has been in praxis for thousands of years and has therapeutic benefits. It will create a sense of revivification, hydration, relaxation and reinvigoration inside-out for yourself to celebrate a happy new you.